Tips for Building a Strong Support Network

Tips for Building a Strong Support Network

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Learning you have a severe illness like ovarian cancer is life-changing. From the fear of the unknown to treatment side effects that can make it impossible to live as you used to, this disease takes a severe mental and physical toll. That’s why a strong support network is one of your most potent weapons. 

Support When You Need It Most 

Facing ovarian cancer can be an overwhelming journey, laden with uncertainties and emotional highs and lows. Having a support network in place gives you an extra pillar of strength to lean on and offers comfort, understanding, and a shared sense of empowerment. Whether you’re a patient or a caregiver, walking this path becomes more manageable when surrounded by caring and supportive individuals. 

Tips for Asking for Support from Loved Ones 

For some, it’s not easy to admit you need help. That’s OK. But whether you’re worried about being a burden (you are not) or are feeling a little too proud to ask for support, the benefits of accepting help are far more critical. Here are some tips to get you started.  

Open and honest communication: Initiate open conversations about your feelings, concerns, and specific needs with your loved ones. Sharing your thoughts will help them understand how best to support you. 

Be specific about your needs: Communicate the support you need, whether it’s help with daily tasks, emotional support, or simply someone to accompany you to appointments. Specific requests make it easier for loved ones to provide meaningful help. 

Educate them about ovarian cancer: Help your friends and family understand the nuances of ovarian cancer, its treatments, and potential side effects. This knowledge will enable them to offer more informed and empathetic support. 

Celebrate the positive moments: Your support network is there to help you through tricky times, but they should also be there for the happy moments. Invite them to share joyous moments with you and celebrate milestones marking your cancer journey. 

Tips for Finding Support Groups 

You can also look outside your friend and family group for support. Often, ovarian cancer patients find that joining a support group is highly beneficial. Sometimes, it’s helpful to be around people with a good sense of what you’re going through because they’ve experienced it themselves. Your friends and family don’t always fall into this category. Here are some tips for finding the right group for you. 

Online resources: Check out support group lists from reputable websites and forums dedicated to finding ovarian cancer support. You can also join social media groups and online support forums to connect with others if you can’t attend a local meeting. 

Hospital or treatment center programs: Ask your healthcare team about local support groups affiliated with hospitals or treatment centers. These groups often conduct regular meetings, allowing you to connect with others facing similar challenges. 

Community centers and nonprofit organizations: Many organizations like NOCC and OCRA focus on supporting cancer patients. Reach out to these organizations to explore support groups, workshops, and events tailored to ovarian cancer patients. 

Ask your healthcare team: Your  healthcare team will often have valuable insights into local resources available to you. Hospitals and treatment centers frequently collaborate with support organizations to enhance patient care. 

Remember, it’s okay to ask for help. There’s no need to face this on your own. The strength you can find from a supportive network can light the path forward, making challenges more surmountable and victories more joyous.

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