Financial Resources for Ovarian Cancer Patients

Financial Resources for Ovarian Cancer Patients


A severe illness like ovarian cancer will no doubt take its toll on your finances. Aside from healthcare costs, some patients face a reduced income after needing to take a break from work–or quit altogether.

It all adds another level of stress to an already overwhelming experience. Thankfully, there are plenty of organizations out there ready to help. Check out these options for ovarian cancer financial support.

Find Financial Assistance 

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition Clinical Trial Fund
Provides approved patients with a one-time payment toward certain non-medical costs related to clinical trial participation.

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition Treatment Fund
Approved patients can receive a one-time payment to help cover non-medical costs like transportation to and from the doctor, bills, and groceries.

Cancer Insurance Checklist
An online worksheet to track provider visits, services, and costs, helping you compare insurance plans in the federally funded Marketplace.
An online toolkit designed to assist in managing finances after a cancer diagnosis.

Triage Cancer Guides and Checklist
Quick guides and checklists by Triage Cancer offer practical information on finances, health insurance, employment, and work. Also available in Spanish.

Compassionate Allowances for Ovarian Cancer: Disability Benefits Center
Describes the Social Security Administration’s Compassionate Allowances program for stage 4 ovarian cancer, reducing financial burdens.
Research different insurance plans, find the best fit, and sign up during open enrollment or a Special Enrollment Period.

An overview of the Medicaid program and its eligibility requirements.

An overview of Medicare, its eligibility requirements, and the application process.

Social Security Administration: Overview of Disability Programs
Detailed descriptions of disability programs, including SSI, SSDI, and returning to work.

Social Security Disability Income
Information for women with all stages of ovarian cancer on qualifying for social security disability income.

SSI and SSD: Disability Benefits Center
A questionnaire evaluating eligibility criteria for supplemental security income and social security disability.

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Tips for Managing the Cost of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is not just a health crisis. For many, it becomes a financial burden, intertwining the stress of treatment with concerns about money and long-term stability. Money is a delicate subject, but these tips for managing the complex web of financial challenges that many ovarian cancer patients and survivors face can help. If you’re dealing with financial issues related to your ovarian cancer, be sure to check out our financial resources page for help.  Understanding the Financial Impact and Beyond  The cost of treating ovarian cancer — with surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and follow-up care — can quickly accumulate, often leading to significant medical expenses. Beyond the direct costs of treatment, unexpected

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Survivor Retreat
Finding Renewal at Ovarian Cancer Survivor Retreats

Ovarian cancer, a journey marked both by its medical complexity and its emotional turbulence, leaves many women searching for solace and understanding in its wake, even after completing successful treatment. After you’ve beaten cancer, what’s left?   Survivorship retreats have emerged as sanctuaries where healing is nurtured, knowledge is shared, and a support community is built. They are designed as safe havens for individuals who have been through the grueling journey of cancer treatment. They are places where healing continues beyond the physical, where participants can focus on recovery in a holistic sense — engaging the mind, body, and spirit.   Here are some benefits to consider.   Connecting with Other Survivors  There’s

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Survivorship Clinic
What Are the Benefits of an Ovarian Cancer Survivorship Clinic?

Surviving ovarian cancer is a tremendous accomplishment, but it’s only the beginning of a new journey. Life after treatment can be filled with uncertainties, questions, and challenges. That’s where ovarian cancer survivorship clinics come in.   These specialized centers provide comprehensive care and support for survivors, addressing their physical, emotional, and psychological needs. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of attending an ovarian cancer survivorship clinic and how they can empower and support survivors on their path to recovery. What is an Ovarian Cancer Survivorship Clinic? An ovarian cancer survivorship clinic is a medical facility specifically designed to meet the unique needs of ovarian cancer survivors. These clinics bring together

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Survivorship Care
Should You Have an Ovarian Cancer Survivorship Care Plan?

Life after active ovarian cancer treatment can be both liberating and overwhelming. Amidst the transition, keeping a comprehensive record of your cancer journey becomes a valuable compass for the future. The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) recognizes this need. It has developed two essential tools to empower ovarian cancer survivors: the ASCO Cancer Treatment Plan and the ASCO Ovarian Cancer Survivorship Care Plan. ASCO Cancer Treatment Plan  This form can serve as a meticulous archive of your ovarian cancer journey, organizing fundamental details of your care history. From treatment specifics and medication doses to surgeries and additional therapies, the ASCO Cancer Treatment Plan encapsulates the vital components of your

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